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An Indian women-biker and entrepreneur who always aspired other women to become one and dare to choose their passion fighting all the society odds.’

849_10154318123591165_890227319915592433_nTwo riders on two bikes were on the ride across the country, Veenu Paliwal and Deepesh Tanwar. The ride which is left untraveled and uncovered because of the unfortunate accident on 11th April,2016. Despite of her being geared, she got injured and succumbed to her injuries. The accident took place in Madhya Pradeshs Vidisha district.

12670816_10154410244441165_3611385891937604594_nBefore starting this trip she planned to shoot the entire ride and make a documentary of her ride which was her dream to prove how women can overcome all the hardships and impossibilities of life. It is said that Veenu Paliwal skidded off the road near Gyaraspur, while they were on their way to Bhopal.

12938105_10154434654671165_623357273103052622_n44 year old, resident of Jaipur was given the title ‘Lady of Harley’ and ‘H.O.G Rani’ as she was the only female biker in the group.12804730_10154345105626165_7365656123920705302_nShe was inspired by her father who was an avid biker of his time and use to ride motorcycles like Rajdoot and Yezdi which always fascinated her.

She owns two tea room lounge called Chah Bar in Jaipur and survived by a daughter and a son. She learned to ride bike in college from her friends but couldn’t go after her passion as she did not own one. The Irony was that she married a man who did not allow her to ride a motorcycle but that couldn’t stop her from going after what she always dreamed of.

veenu-mos-9_041216112200Every ride was remarkable, unique and memorable for her. She covered miles and was on different terrains and had millions of stories to share and tell the world about her adventure which changed the way how she perceived life and proved that one has to have the will to achieve what we aspire. veenu-paliwal12806240_1119021708143131_4627074748233726128_nShe said, “Apart from speed, thrill, adventure and excitement there is one important thing associated with biking and i.e. security and safety”. As a part of Harley-Davidson group she always spread the awareness about safety while riding. She was a part of every Sunday ride. Few rides were only conducted for a cause, stopping people without helmets and asking them to wear them.12439426_10154421356996165_3284241437906472348_nShe was honored by numerous accolades for her roles and initiatives for the betterment of society and women.10345754_10154363214326165_2905172192006022355_n1914652_10154363252416165_1977717712277241834_nWe respect the courage and passion she was living her life. Carving her own path, traveling the roads untraveled._3b28a762-0023-11e6-859d-3d3bb55f49d3 12524250_10154439009501165_5135813426729564027_nWe hope that a plethora of women take this legacy forward and we see more and more women motorcyclist on roads.

12928249_10154421357181165_4952469441510363493_nShe who was brave is free

Veenu Paliwal (1972-2016)

May her soul rest in peace.



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