Cardo is here with a good news for group riders with its all new Cardo Packtalk System which is a step for the developemement of beneficial products for motorcyclists in the riding world. The Cardo Scala Rider Packtalk is an advanced motorcycle 3rd Generation communication system. The scala rider PACKTALK incorporates ground-breaking DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) technology and Bluetooth technology to re-defi­ne your riding experience.


DMC is a variant of mesh-network which is intelligent and automatic i.e. whenever a rider go off the track and out from the range then the system maintains integrity and seamlessly re-connects the riders when they’re back in range and the  group riders remain uninterrupted irrespective of ever changing environment.


scala_rider_scal_packtalk_duo_zoom (1)


Bluetooth mode is there to provide you the freedom to conduct mobile calls, receive navigation instructions, listen to music (via A2DP or built in FM radio) and connect via intercom with other bluetooth communication systems. This simply signifies that you can also use it solitarily.


Packtalk is equipped with lots of unique features so, if you’re willing to spend the time working through all the features and functions, you’ll find the Cardo Packtalk to be one of the most rewarding motorcycle communications systems currently available.



You can buy directly from the given link:



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