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TVS Racing Tanveer Wahid leads 2017 Raid De Himalaya

TVS Racing Tanveer Wahid

TVS Racing Tanveer Wahid Racing wins the Dakar Challenge 2017

TVS Racing Tanveer Wahid: Two riders both of them rivals for their teams had contrasting takes on their expertise at India Baja, the Dakar Challenge rally that reasoned on Sunday on the dunes near Jaisalmer. Their words on the Baja and how they handled the slopes talk volumes about the huge gulf even elite Indian cyclists need to bridge to get into the degree of Dakar exponents if at all we had further evidence for the truth glaring at us from the time-consuming sheets, that’s.

TVS Racing Tanveer Wahid

For the record, Joaquim “J-Rod” Rodrigues of Hero Motorsport, won the moto section of this India Baja, beating KP Aravind of TVS Racing, while Abdul Wahid Tanveer finished third.

Tanveer and TVS¬†however, have a lot to cheer about and look forward to as he’s won the major prize of Baja, and is on his way to Dakar, albeit after a “big test in Morocco”. Next month, has qualified for its Merzouga Rally in Morocco, next year, and when he manages to complete that occasion, he’d earn a ticket for the Dakar Rally.

Winner J-Rod and weren’t eligible for the Dakar entry and Aravind have already participated in the Dakar.

‘Bumpy vs Smooth’

TVS Racing Tanveer Wahid: J-Rod from Aravind and Portugal, that were TVS and the Hero’ lead riders in the rally, showcased their finest but the Indian’s best was a good 20 minutes behind. Rodrigues had no challenge at all after TVS’ Adrien Metge of France pulled out due to mechanical failure on Day 1.

Metge may have given a struggle that was J-Rod. Then again, the Portuguese rider led the rally right from the opening point to his quality as well as the ease at. While the terrain has been pleasure coming to some Rajasthan from a spring weather in Europe didn’t affect J-Rod, he says.

TVS Racing Tanveer Wahid

TVS Racing Tanveer Wahid: “The dunes here were hard but hardly testing, it was smooth sailing for me,” says Rodrigues, who had completed a creditable 15th for Hero in the Dakar Rally in January. “The rally was shorter than those I am utilized to and far shorter compared to the Dakar. The trails and dunes here were a little hard but was smooth enough for me through easily. It was great fun being out here and running India has been a novel experience.”

“The journey was nice however, the dunes and trails were testing,” says Aravind. “Obviously, I was taking it a little easy because I have just recovered from a harm. I pushed as hard as possible though.”

J-Rod’s smooth and enjoyable outing to the bumpy ride of Aravind — that the gap might have a bit to do with the bicycle set-up and much more with the skill level.

Indian potential

Having said that, Aravind, Tanveer and R Nataraj of TVS, who finished fourth, and India’s Dakar leader, CS Santosh of Hero Motorsport, who missed Baja because of an injury, are extremely skilled and have the possibility to compete with the best in the world. J-Rod commended their quality and admits. Just that, there has not been a channel to develop in a way that is systematic.

TVS Racing Tanveer Wahid

Baja, if it will become a regular at the Dakar Challenge series, could change that in the next several years.

TVS Racing Tanveer Wahid: J-Rod feels that the Dakar Challenge event and the India Baja is a really good indication for Indian riders and it’s a matter of time until many competitors come out. “But it will not happen overnight,” adds Rodrigues. “In the event, many riders interacted together and now they realize the world out there and also the potential. Matters can only grow from here for India.”

Meanwhile, it had been rather the opposite in the Xtreme (four-wheeler) segment of India Baja as far as the contest is concerned. In a fiercely contested Day 1, Gaurav Chiripal (co-driver Karan Arya) edged out overnight leader Raj Singh Rathore (Jeevarathinam J) to win the group.

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