Activated carbon filter in the Mavox FX30 Helmet purifies the air by up to 93%

A Gurgaon based Helmet manufacturer, Mavox, has introduced a new range of Helmets which are equipped with innovative Activated Carbon Filter. This filter can clean air up to 93% harmful pollutants which will be useful for the daily commuters who are breathing the highly polluted air, especially in the Delhi-NCR.


The product is a brainchild of a collaboration between Sandhar Technologies and Amkin Group Pvt. Ltd. Both the companies have rich experience in the field of two-wheeler business technologies along with international dealings in the design and innovation department.

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The Mavox FX30 has a removable and washable activated carbon filter. Thus, after heavy usage, you can remove the filter from the Helmet, wash it with soap and water, and use again. Coming to the certification, the Mavox FX30 helmet is certified by ECE and has aerodynamic air vents for proper air circulation and ventilation. The wiser is scratch-proof as well as water-tight. The visor provides a wide vision for practicality and use. Finally, there is a large vent at the top for air flow.


Mavox FX30 full face Helmet with a single paint scheme and is priced at Rs 2565. The company has launched another variant which is Mavox FX30 Max D1P which has exciting graphics to make you stand apart from the crowd. The asking price of the graphical helmet is Rs 2999.


On the other hand, Mavox has also launched a ‘HULL’ range of open-face helmets price of which starts from Rs 895. There are two models in the HULL series – Hull and Hull Pro. This is a way to keep up with the market demand for the cheaper ISI marked helmets. The purpose-built Hull series helmets are durable and comfortable to wear. One can buy the helmets in size ranging from 560mm to 600mm for both men and women.

Full range of Mavox helmets is available in all the leading helmet stores as well as on the online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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