Indian has launched both the variants of FTR 1200S in India pricing of which starts from Rs 15.99 lakh

The American classic motorcycle manufacturer has finally launched the much-awaited flat tracker motorcycle in Inda. The Indian FTR 1200S and 1200S Race Replica launched in India with a price tag of Rs 15.99 lakh and 17.99 lakh ex-showroom respectively. R. Madhavan, who is a motorcycle enthusiast, also attended the launch event.

We have already discussed why Indian FTR 1200S is the best thing you can find with a V-twin engine. The new bike gets a phenomenal design language which is inspired by the FTR 750 Flattracker race bike. It gets all LED lighting which radical headlight design which will make you fall in love with the motorcycle.


Powering the FTR 1200S is a 1203cc V-twin engine which generates more than 120bhp at 8250rpm and around 120Nm of torque at 6000rpm. After looking at the engine rev range, it is pretty clear that this V-twin is not slow and laggard, it’s got some serious punch. Even the redline comes up at impressive 9000rpm. The massive engine is coupled to a 6-speed transmission.

You can now rent any Indian motorcycle through Orix India

Pankaj Dubey, MD Polaris India sai. “Our vision from the beginning was to be more than a traditional American V-twin brand. We continually seek to broaden Indian Motorcycle’s reach to a wider range of riders, and FTR represents a significant step forward in that strategy. With the launch of FTR 1200S and 1200S Race Replica, we now have a stylish motorcycle which has the DNA of a flat track racing and is designed for the streets. Its iconic looks, technological innovations, is quite a head-turner among bike enthusiasts. The new platform is a key component in the company’s broader mission to expand its global appeal and reach among new riders.”

He further added. “Indian Motorcycle with the launch of new FTR 1200S and FTR 1200S Race Replica brings you an idea of what the future is going to be like in the most sought after touring segment for a bike enthusiast. The new platform underwent extensive development and testing to ensure it meets Indian Motorcycle’s high-quality standards and performs at the highest levels. This is an extremely exciting platform for us, and after investing such a significant amount of time, expertise and energy in the design process, it is an incredible feeling to finally show these motorcycles. We have partnered with Orix India making it possible for all bike enthusiasts who could not own an Indian bike earlier, now have an opportunity to easily lease the bike thought Orix India.”

FTR 1200S gets all sort of safety electronics which can be switched off!

Sandeep Gambhir, MD & CEO of Orix India said. “ORIX is India’s largest shared mobility solution provider and B2B Car Rental, Car Leasing company and B2B employee transportation provider across all major locations. With this industry-first initiative, Orix aims to provide today’s motorcycle enthusiasts with the flexibility to fulfill their aspirations at a fraction of cost. It has been Orix’s endeavor to take customer satisfaction and experience to the next level, and in partnership with Indian Motorcycles, we hope t help our customers achieve their childhood dreams of owning their favorite superbikes in the most economical and enjoyable way.”

The instrument cluster is a 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen display giving out a plethora of information. You can even connect your smartphone with it and get your calls, messages, and music on the go. Speaking about the electronics, the FTR 1200S comes with ABS, multi-level Traction Control, Cornering ABS, cornering Stability Control. Wheelie mitigation system will not allow those accidental power wheelies and will give you more confidence while opening that throttle.

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The company has avoided the launch of Base variant of FTR 1200 which had round digital-analog meter. This base variant could have made the starting price to start from about Rs 14 lakh ex-showroom.


Considering the fact that new Indian FTR 1200S is the best motorcycle with a V-twin you can buy in India, it has very limited competition in this segment. Unless Harley Davidson launches their Streetfighter motorcycle which they have been planning for some time now, Indian FTR 1200S will enjoy the monopoly. However, the overpriced BMW R Nine T for Rs 17.8 lakh is the nearest to FTR in the Indian market.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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