Zero Engineering Working On Single Cylinder Custom Bike

    Zero Engineering

    Japanese cruiser firm developing entry-level model Zero Engineering

    Japanese –custom bike builders Zero Engineering may be on the verge of producing an ‘entry-level’ single-cylinder model signalling a massive departure from their Harley-powered roots.

    Zero Engineering

    They pioneered Kimura’s ‘zero design’ layout Chairman. But in March the firm showed a single-cylinder concept bike in the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. The only followed the same retro-inspired styling ideas as Zero Engineering’s other models but at a much smaller bundle.

    Zero Engineering

    Now pictures have emerged that reveal what could be a generic version of the identical machine. It shares the K2C’s 250cc single-cylinder engine and styling but gains practical elements required for road use. Where the initial concept had no signs or mirrors, they are contained in the new images. The bike’s exhaust, that has been an unusual drum-shaped apparatus on the notion, has additionally been swapped for something more conventional and practical. A license plate hanger was added in the back, seeming to confirm that the layout’s road-going, production intentions.

    Zero EngineeringTechnical details:

    The new variant of Zero engineerings only has got exactly the identical framework as the idea. Although seeming to be a rigid, hardtail design, it has really got the back suspension. The complete diamond-shaped rear section of the framework pivots as a swingarm. A linkage connects it to a monoshock with a hidden spring.

    Zero Engineering

    In the front, there is a pair of springer forks, similar to those used on Zero Engineering’s additional ‘Road Hopper’ models. A single front disk does a lot of the braking, while there’s a drum in the back.

    It’s air-cooled and unlikely to offer much in terms of performance, but the motorcycle does appear to be lightweight. That should help claw back some speed. But, Zero Engineering’s bikes have always been around design first and foremost, and there’s no question that this is just another great-looking design.

    Zero Engineering

    If it reaches production, the only would be a complete departure for Zero Engineering. It is founded on the idea of building tiny quantities of quite pricey motorcycles. A tiny single would inevitably need to be much cheaper. Therefore, manufacturing only makes sense if Zero Engineering has plans to construct them in relatively large amounts.

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