Most powerful Premium High Performance electric bike is coming soon  

-Color Airstrike, Shadow, Laser

-Dashboard Ultra High-Brightness Automotive TFT LCD



-Wheelbase 1340 mm

-Seat height 800 mm

-Kerb weight 158 kg


-Max. power output 25,000W @ 2250rpm

-Acceleration (0~60 km/h)* 2.9 seconds

Range (3 battery packs) 130 - 150km

Acceleration (0~100 km/h)* 7.5 seconds

-Max. horsepower 33.5hp @ 2250rpm

-Max. torque (Motor/Wheel) 90Nm / 450Nm

-Max. speed* 147 km/h

-Dual-channel ABS (Antilock Brake System)

-Lock down mode

-Fall & crash sensor

-Emergency contact alert

-Sidestand sensor

-Front turn signal: LED lights

-LED headlight with Ultra-V position    light


Battery System And Charging

-Energy Modules 3 x Modular Li ion battery pack(s)

-Charger Type 1kW standard vehicle-mounted charger 3 kW portable charger

-Max Capacity 4.2 kWh