Lambretta Electric Scooter | Next Generation Scooter

Lambretta Electric Scooter | Next Generation Scooter

Lambretta Electric Scooter

Lambretta Electric Scooter introduced with V special model

Lambretta Electric Scooter: To commemorate the event, the business introduced the V Particular versions. Currently, CarandBike reports that Lambretta is focusing on a brand new electric scooter that is unveiled in 2018.

The report also claims that Lambretta will establish three new versions in Australia that is followed by the brand new electric scooter. The Lambretta V Particular is available in three different versions: V50, V125, and V200.

Lambretta Electric Scooter

The Lambretta V Particular models are made by Austrian design company KISKA, which also designs new KTM bicycles as well as the Husqvarna Svartpilen and Vitpilen. The Lambretta V Particular includes the touch classic design with a mix of the contemporary touch.

The Lambretta V Particular versions include a steel frame, fixed front fender and the legendary Lambretta badging. The business is also likely to establish the new Lambretta GP and SX classic scooters.

The Lambretta V Particular models are equipped with a range of premium features like a LED headlamp, tail lamp and turn signs, 220mm disc brake in the front, 12-volt charging socket and telescopic forks. The 200cc version also receives the security net of Bosch ABS.

Back in India, Lambretta was constructing its own scooters between the 1950s and 1990s. The scooters were built under the license of Automobile Products of India (API) and Scooters India Limited (SIL). Afterward, because of a financial crisis, Lambretta vanished from the worldwide industry.

Leading automakers are focusing on the growth of eco-friendly vehicles. Currently, Lambretta is working in an electric scooter that’s anticipated to be unveiled at 2018. The Lambretta electrical scooter is very likely to match precisely the exact same traditional design with different contemporary capabilities.