Now Bajaj Offering 5 Years Warranty On Motorcycles

Now Bajaj Offering 5 Years Warranty On Motorcycles

Bajaj Offering 5 Years Warranty

Bajaj Offering 5 Years Warranty: As part of the Hat-Trick offer, Bajaj is offering 2 years free service package

Bajaj Offering 5 Years Warranty: Bajaj Auto has released the Hat-Trick supply for July 2018. The Hat-Trick offer is composed of different sub offers and also the primary remove from this deal is the five decades of guarantee offered with the whole line-up of Bajaj bicycles. On the other hand, the deal is legitimate on bicycles bought only in July 2018 and the firm might stop or keep the promotional supply later on. The five-year guarantee on the Bajaj bicycles includes the two-year standard guarantee, while an extra three-year guarantee is appropriate for the motor.

The sub offers comprise a year free insurance and free support for the next year. Off late, the automaker has witnessed a dip in earnings and this deal is anticipated to bring back the sales on course. The deal will be applicable only to new clients and present Bajaj bicycle owners will need to fulfil with the normal guarantee.

Other supplies include low-interest speed and reduced payment. Before, there were reports that the Pulsar 135 will make sense for a brand new Pulsar 125 within their 2019 norms. The standards define that bicycles above 125cc launched article 1st April 2018 need to be armed with ABS while these under 125cc are needed to feature CBS. The main reason for Bajaj to go down from 135cc into 125cc is rather easy — cost.