Artem M9 Electric Scooter Comes With Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Artem M9 Electric Scooter Comes With Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Artem M9 Electric Scooter

Artem M9 Electric Scooter will be the first two-wheeler in the world to sport ADAS

Artem M9 Electric Scooter: Artem Energy Future Limited, a home-grown electric car technology firm, has declared the M9, asserting it to be the world’s safest electrical scooter. The M9 will comprise ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) that was found only in luxury automobiles until today. The M9 may also contain other section firsts such as a high speed of 90kmph, 0-50kmph in 6 minutes plus a 100km run each fee. It can be billed through an onboard quick charger, along with battery swapping.

The creators of Artem Energy Future stated that while coverages continue to fortify four-wheeler security, two-wheeler security remains highly failed in India. Last year there were almost 40,000 two-wheeler casualties in India, which can be an alarming amount. This is what prompted the founders to produce two-wheelers equipped with innovative security features.

With the support of cameras and radars, the M9 will guarantee 360-degree consciousness around 100m radius. The machine will evaluate various requirements, dependent on what it will send warnings to the rider via an intelligent helmet in addition to through vibration opinions on the handlebars.

Adding to the security would be the emergency brakes that could be mechanically and safely actuated using Artem’s proprietary “EDB” (Electro-Dynamic Braking) technologies, which eases safer ceases by reversing the grip force.

That is not it, the M9 will even notify a centralized call centre and the local emergency response authority.

Artem hasn’t shown much about the engine which will power this super secure scooter, so neither have they commented about the production deadline. But, 1 thing is for certain: that the M9 will reach the Indian two-wheeler marketplace with a hefty price tag, due to the advanced technology and security features integrated inside.